Download Bradley Safety Laboratory Fixture Revit Library

Download Bradley Safety Laboratory Fixture Library | Deck and Wall Mounted Eye\Eye-Face Wash

Bradley Laboratory Fixtures | Product Library is part of the Bradley Safety Fixture Product Group. These safety fixtures are available as for either DECK (D) and/or WALL (W) mounted installation.

Eyewash and Eye/Face Wash fixtures that are swing-activated are often located on lavatory decks. A swing-activated fixture provides access to an ANSI-compliant fixture.

Choose from a variety of wall-mounted or deck-mounted designs; that swing out of the way when the fixture is in its resting position. But remains accessible for use during an emergency.

Download Bradley Laboratory Fixture Revit Models are part of the Bradley Safety Fixture Revit Library.

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BIM-Revit Supporting Roles for Sustainable Design+Construction Processes

Download McGraw Hill Green BIM SmartMarket Survey Report

Bradley BIM has more than 15 McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Reports (2007-2015) available for download; including ‘Green BIM‘.

The majority of these surveys demonstrate how BIM processes contribute as a core integration tool for sustainable design processes.

Download McGraw-Hill Report | Green BIM

BIM authoring software packages; like  (Revit, AECOsim, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks) create the BIM facility file. Third-party Add-On software applications provide niche design & analysis functionality –that is not typically included in the out-of-the box BIM software.

So…how is this helpful?

The cost to design, build and maintain large, complex facilities is significant. Constructing a building; while its being designed, has been crucial to reducing these costs.  Integrating BIM processes is  reducing the construction time, product waste and labor costs.

Download McGraw-Hill Report | Measuring BIM Impact On Complex Buildings

Architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners are adding design + engineering functionality to their BIM authoring software –via BIM Add-On applications. These apps provide BIM software with the ability to simulate the seasonal energy consumption of a facility over the building’s lifecycle.

BIM Add-On software components connect to the designers’ whole building facility model.. Thereby, helping them to evaluate, analyze, design and simulate specific facility performance factors –prior to construction and occupancy.

Example of BIM \ BIM Add-On Apps Assisting w/Sustainable Design Process

  1. Building Certification: BIM auto-collects & reports sustainable documentation
  2. Green Product Selection: BIM Automated Specification Writing Systems
  3. BIM MEP: Building Energy Performance Modeling Simulations
  4. Visualization: Interior Daylighting and Shadow Studies
  5. Green Material Volume Take-Off: New Construction, Demolition Construction Waste
  6. BIM MEP: Water \ Waste Systems Consumption, Calculations & Flow Analysis
  7. HVAC Load Analysis: Optimizing Heating and Cooling Loads & Zones
  8. Lighting | Evaluate Electrical Consumption & Light Coverage Verification
  9. Analyze & Simulate the Solar (Heat) Gain from a Building’s Site Orientation
  10. BIM for Prefabrication: Utilizes Lean & Green Construction (Manufacturing) Processes
  11. Green BIM Site Design Studies calculate green space & drainage areas,  parking lot design and inventory plantings for landscape maintenance.

Download McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Project Delivery Systems

Sustainable design is a collaborative effort. The BIM process is positioned perfectly to provide real-time sustainable data feedback for design options under consideration.

BIM has accelerated the use of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), modular prefabrication and design-build processes for green and lean design + construction processes.

Download McGraw-Hill – Business Value of BIM for Construction Report

The As-Built BIM construction model provides the facility owner with a visual database of their building’s space, materials and product content.  BIM-linked FM and CAFM systems integrate with the as-built model to manage  facility assets, define staff locations, maintain building environmental systems and plan operations maintenance schedules.

Download McGraw-Hill Business Value of BIM for Owners

BIM-Revit processes and models are systematically influencing the growth of sustainable design; for every aspect of the facility’s lifecycle. Whole Building Modeling provides the optimum environment to analyze the whole building sustainable performance.

Visit Bradley at Greenbuild 2015

GREENBUILD 2015 | Visit Bradley Corporation Booth #3123 | NOV 18-20 Wash DC

Consider viewing these Autodesk University computational BIM Revit Videos to see how multiple design options for proposed facilities are explored and validated in less time.

Visit Bradley BIM Booth #10 | Autodesk University 2015

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Sustainable-Green Revit Commercial Tankless Water Heater Library | Bradley- Keltech

Bradley-Keltech Tankless Instantaneous Water Heater Product Family

Keltech Incorporated, a Subsidiary of Bradley features the Keltech Commercial Tankless Water Heater Models as the perfect sustainable design option for reducing a facility’s water and energy consumption for these applications:

  •  Car and Truck Wash Facilities
  • Water Heating for Remote Toilet, Shower & Locker Rooms
  • Sports & Healthcare Laundry Sanitization
  • Geo-Thermal Heat Pump HVAC Systems
  • Solar Water Heating Heat Pump HVAC Systems
  • Food Service Dishwasher Sanitization Processes
  • Emergency Eye\Face Wash Systems
  • Enclosed Safety Showers – Eye\Face Wash Systems

The Keltech Revit Model Library is located in the Bradley Revit Library (1,000 models).

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Benefits of Tankless Water Heating Applications

Save Money

Easy installation means lower labor cost. A small footprint means less square footage needed for utilities. Lower energy use and less maintenance mean lower utility and maintenance costs over the life of the product.

Save Energy

Inefficient boiler systems have to generate heat and maintain temperature 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Keltech tankless heaters only heat water when needed. And, Keltech’s innovative controller is fully modulating so you only use the actual kW needed, not full power or stages.

Save Space

A large commercial tank water heater requires a large space. Keltech tankless water heaters only require 3 square feet (.3 square meters) of space to generate 491,000 BTUs.

Simple Installation

Requires only one electrical connection and water. No pumps, no external fusing, and no design needs to be considered externally – it’s all built into the heater.

Simple to Maintain

No tank to maintain, no anodes, no softeners.

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