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Greetings & Welcome to the Bradley Revit – BIM Resource Portal

daniel_hughes_bradley_corporation_bimThe Bradley Revit-BIM Family Library has more than 1,000 Revit Family Models; representing 10′s of thousands of Bradley Corporation’s Commercial Plumbing Fixtures and Washroom Accessories Products.

I encourage BIM and VDC Managers to visit the Bradley BIM FAQs Page.  It provides a technical overview of Bradley’s Revit modeling standards and quality assurance procedures.

Daniel Hughes | Bradley Corporate BIM Strategist

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Image Gallery | Bradley Revit Product Models

  • For technical assistance with our Revit Library, please visit our Contact Us Page.
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4 Hours | 2D AutoCAD to Visually Data-Rich Revit Documentation

4 Hours | AutoCAD to Visually Data-Rich Revit \ BIM Documents

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On Thursday night, our facility engineer showed me an as-built AutoCAD sketch for his toilet room renovation project in our Ohio manufacturing facility.

He asked if I could enhance the sketch with Revit for his Tuesday meeting; with the contractor and facility engineers.

Starting Friday morning, it took 4 hours using Revit –to create a fully coordinated set of

  1. floor plan,
  2. interior sections,
  3. interior elevations,
  4. reflected ceiling plan,
  5. plumbing fixture and washroom accessory schedules,
  6. 3D plan and 3D interior views.

I linked his AutoCAD sketch of field measurements into the Revit file for tracing and as a reference for his ADA-toilet partition proposal.

Using the View Visibility (VV) settings, I set the  Imported Category (Linked CAD file) to Half-Tone to make it less pronounced in the views.

Our interior designer provided a spreadsheet of components with their respective materials and model numbers for each room.

While she didn’t specify the location of components; interior elevations and sections displayed product locations and heights for her review.

Using Bradley’s pre-built Revit Family Library, the interior views and schedules immediately updated as the Revit components (lavatories, toilet partitions, accessories) were added to floor plans.

Key Costs for Building Revit Families | 1000 Bradley Revit Family Library

We added a Revit COST parameter to another plumbing fixture\accessory schedule (not printed). We exported the schedules to a spreadsheet to assist with the contractor’s quoting process.

Revit Room Objects accurately reported each room’s square footage for the floor finish renovation of each room. Additional face-to-face dimensions were added to field verify clearances between existing walls.

Cross sections were created to field-verify clearances between the ceiling and structure.

It took 2 minutes to create a ‘blank”, correctly oriented reflected ceiling-tile plan from facility engineer’s photos. He wanted to enhance the discussion of ceiling fixture placement (lights, vents, diffuser) with the lighting and HVAC engineering contractors.

The project was printed to scale –on C-size PDFs; that are easily viewed or printed. Revit annotations (hatch, text, dimensions) automatically re-size and updated as we “played with each view’s scale” to fit them on C-Size title block.

Revit for Restaurant Prototypes | Core Business-Design Values

This plant facility is still managed in AutoCAD. However, we can export the Revit views to AutoCAD for inclusion into the facility’s existing AutoCAD master file.

Revit delivered these bottom line results;

  • design intention was very clear with accurate, coordinated plans, schedules, elevations, sections and 3D views.
  • faster creation of documentation with pre-built Revit 3D/2D product models; that include 3D & orthographic viewing options.
  • efficient, shorter long distance onsite contractor & facility engineer meeting,
  • the contractor received accurate counts & square footage of product to be installed.
  • improved construction communications (less travel) between Wisconsin and Ohio with unlimited 3D viewing.
  • improved installation coordination with 3-dimensional documentation.

Like most projects, our facility engineer returned from his trip with red marks, notes and decisions; that needed to be applied to the Revit file.

However, in Revit — changes made to plans, elevations, sections or schedules are IMMEDIATELY updated in all the other views. This is the native functionality of Revit; because all of the  project views are contained in one project file.

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Download McGraw-Hill Report | Measuring BIM Impact On Complex Buildings

Register to Download McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Measuring BIM Impact On Complex Buildings

 Register - Download 2015 60-page BIM Report: McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings Download 2015 60-page BIM Report:

McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings

August 18 Update: The correct document is now linked for download. We apologize for any inconvenience.

BIM Report Contributors: 391 owners, architects, engineers and contractors indicated they had a moderate to high level knowledge on the use of BIM within their organization.

  1. 40 Owners
  2. 183 Architects
  3. 68 Engineers
  4. 100 General Contractors



These 10 Activities of Planning, Design and Construction defined the real Impact of BIM on Key Outcomes for Complex Projects:

  1. BIM Impact on Owner Engagement and Understanding
  2. BIM Impact on Design
  3. BIM Impact on Documentation and Constructability
  4. BIM Impact on Estimating and Bidding
  5. BIM Impact on Construction Phasing and Logistics
  6. BIM Impact on Contractors’ Understanding of Design Intent
  7. BIM Impact on Cost Control and Reduction
  8. BIM Impact on Schedule and Project Duration
  9. BIM Impact on Unplanned Changes, Rework  and Out-of-Sequence Work
  10. BIM Impact on Labor, Safety and Material Waste

6 Metrics for the Impact of BIM on Complex Projects

  1. Percentage Reduction of Final Construction Cost
  2. Percentage of Accelerated Project Completion Due to Schedule Compression
  3. Percentage of RFI Reduction
  4. Percentage Reduction in Number of Reportable Safety Incidents
  5. Percentage Reduction of Site Labor Due to Increased Offsite Fabrication
  6. Forecasting the Future Impact of BIM on Key Project Outcomes

Download Bradley BIM Design-Build Resource Guide (No Registration)Bradley BIM Design-Build Resource Guide

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4 Revit Fixture-Room Layout Tips | ADA-Universal Design Review

Revit Family Reference Planes for Toilet Room and ADA Design Review

Consider using these four tips\processes; while creating manufacturer product Revit families and to assist with the design \ layout of these space types:

  • toilet rooms, locker rooms, washrooms
  • commercial kitchens & food service
  • mechanical & utility rooms
  • office, retail, education & healthcare space w/ furniture, fixtures & equipment

Revit for Restaurant Prototypes | Core Business-Design Values

1) Revit Family Reference Planes Aid Dimensioning

The image on the left is a front view of a Bradley solid surface lavatory Revit family.

The PLAN & FRONT ELEVATION images on the right; show the lavatory family installed into a Revit project.

The lavatory Revit family (on the left) embeds vertical and horizontal Reference Planes (green dashed lines); that define the vertical \ horizontal surfaces or center lines of lavatory components.

Tip: This includes Water & waste connections, electrical, faucet & soap dispenser placement, lavatory structural support and installation height locations.

Images on the right (above), show dimensions often used in PLAN\ELEVATION view in architectural, plumbing and/or contractor drawings.

Reference planes in the Revit Family are set to WEAK Reference; thereby allowing the Revit Project to dimension these locations.

Revit Reference Planes to Connect Revit Dimensions

Solid surface lavatory units typically have edges and corners with a radius.

Creating Reference Planes at these intersections; allows Revit to connect dimensions.
For example; a small radius exists on the front edge of the deck. A Revit dimension will not connect due to that radius.

A Reference Plane is created horizontally on the lavatory deck top; which allow Revit to connect to the surface and display the deck height dimensions.

Revit Project Reference Planes for Toilet Room Design Layouts

2) Revit Project Reference Planes for Toilet Room Design-Layout

Both of these images show how the designer created Project Reference planes to coordinate placement of the solid surface fixture with mirrors, accessories and lighting — in both PLAN and ELEVATION views of the toilet room.

Revit Symbolic Lines (dashed circles) are used to represent the 5’ wheel chair turning-diameters within the floor plan.

Critical wall clearance dimensions can be locked in Revit to avoid accidental movement of walls or fixtures into the clearance space.

For this example, the 5’ dimension has been selected which displays the Revit Lock icon. Pick the “lock” icon to lock the 5’ dimension clearance between the two walls.

Bradley Revit Parameters Display in Revit Tags \ Labels via Shared Parameters and System Parameters | Plan View

Bradley Revit Plumbing Fixture Schedule | Installed Lavatory Systems

Bradley Revit Parameters Display in Revit Tags \ Labels via Shared Parameters and System Parameters | Elevation View

3) Data Coordination for Revit Schedules, Tags and Labels

Synchronize the Building Product Manufacturers’ data with the BIM\VDC Managers’ common parameters; that will be used within schedules and tags: For example the Door, Window, Plumbing Fixtures and Specialty Equipment Schedules.

In Revit, parameters need to be System Parameters or Shared Parameters for them to appear in Schedules and Tags.

Revit Tags are view-specific. This means users can create duplicate PLAN & ELEVATION views; while using tags that display different embedded information from the Revit family model. The PLAN view tags  (above) display the Revit family Type –and the ELEVATION view tags display the Revit Model value.

Revit Wheelchair Knee-Toe Clearance Box for Toilet Room ADA \ Universal Design

4) Revit Clearance Box Family for ADA \ Universal Design Review

BIM Managers will create an ADA Model Component of the Wheelchair knee and foot clearance required beneath a Solid Surface Lavatory Deck. It insures the deck mounting height meets the clearance standards.

Revit Wheelchair Knee-Toe Clearance Box Family for Toilet Room ADA \ Universal Design

This Revit family is a simple extrusion can be placed under a Solid Surface Lavatory Deck in a Revit Project or it can be nested into a Lavatory Deck family.

The solid extrusion is assigned a transparent light red material.

The Toe-Knee-Space-Length is a Revit “Instance Parameter”; providing users grip editing to lengthen or shorten the object via the “end grips”.

Revit Wheelchair Knee-Toe Clearance Box Family Visibility Settings

The critical dimensions that shape the clearance box object are locked so they remain accurate to the defined ADA dimensions.

The Right Image shows the Visibility Settings for the solid extrusion.

The extrusion’s visibility is turned OFF in the PLAN/RCP, Right/Left, Back/Front views.

Symbolic lines (red dashed) are traced over & locked to the perimeter of the extrusion.

The dashed lines will be visible for Coarse, Medium & Fine.

So they’ll be visible in these orthographic views; PLAN, FRONT & RIGHT Elevations.

Bradley BIM Articles

Download Complete Bradley Revit Family Library – Download All Options - 1000 Revit Family ModelsDownload Complete Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 Families) – Download All Options

Download Bradley Revit Family Library From Autodesk Seek Building Product Manufacturer Revit Library

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